"A" - Valentine's murder mystery about a Beverly Hills ad executive's encounter with a young Latina was published in installments for an online magazine.

"Untitled situation comedy": Four hot young women bond with each other while fraternizing with the customers at menial jobs for a very upscale hospitality business. They're taught life lessons, and do some teaching of their own as well, as their personal lives spill over into the work with the "wacked" staff and vice versa. Bradford Sisk of Bankable Productions says, "It's funny and smart."

"Brown Rice": A Caucasian southern college freshman becomes a Japanese house boy to an affluent mixed race Asian family to put himself through school. He falls in love with one of the daughters, but eventually comes out of the closet to reveal he's gay and has been secretly teaching disco dance lessons in the next town over.

"Circuit Training": This gay drama is a contemporary take on "A Star Is Born" set among the wood paneled porn movie sets in and around Los Angeles and in the hearts of two lost, but then found, young men. Vanessa Arteaga of Wellspring Entertainment says, "Valentine weaves his words in such a way that they transport his reader into a timeless and existentialist journey."

Represented by Jai Khanna - Brillstein-Grey Entertainment, Beverly Hills, CA